Home Buyer Protection Act – Learn About the Changes

Home Warranties for Albertans

As of February 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta will be protected under warranty. Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act  encourages even higher quality standards, making sure your new home stands the test of time.

New homes (single detached family homes/duplexes/multi-family homes/condominiums/manufactured homes/recreational properties) include, at minimum, a warranty for:

  • 1- One year labour and materials- This covers any issues with the way that your home was built or the materials that were used to build it, i.e. flooring and trim;
  • 2 -Two years for delivery and distribution systems- This includes any problems with the labour or materials associated with the heating, plumbing and electrical systems.
  • 5 – Five years building envelope protection, with a requirement for the warranty provider to offer the consumer the option to purchase additional years of coverage – This is the exterior shell of a home, including roof and walls.
  • 10 - Ten years coverage for major structural components- This refers to the frame and/or foundation of the home.

For more information on the New Home Buyer Protection Act, visit http://homewarranty.alberta.ca

Effective date: The Act applies only to new homes constructed under a building permit applied for after the February 1, 2014 in-force date of the Act.